Custom Pool Tables provides moving, re-felting, cushion rubber replacement, pocket repair or replacement for when your pool table begins to show wear and tear.Pool Table moving service includes disassembling your table, load and transport to new the location, unload and re-assemble. And yes, we can re-stretch the existing felt if you choose to keep it.

Pool Table re-felting involves your selection of cloth (remember to check out the professional lines of cloth, like Simonis and Championship Tour Edition). The old cloth will be removed and your new cloth professionally installed. The cloth on the cushion rubber will also be replaced with the new cloth – this is a class act.

Pool Table cushion replacement will be needed at some time in the life of your pool table. Various factors can affect the cushion performance. Please call if you’re bounce doesn’t seem to be what it once was.

Pool Table pockets can last a very long time. Various factors affect the longevity of the pockets. Please call if your pockets seem haggard or if you just want something different.

The best ways to maintain your pool table is for our team of professionals move or repair it flawlessly.